Open Mail Art Call


All art must feature bacon.  Anything goes.  Video, sound work, 2-D, 3-D, poetry; surprise me, shock me, make me sizzle, raise my cholesterol.  All art shown on this blog.  Exhibition(s) to follow.  A short film about bacon will include much of the received art.  Deadline is 04/01/2010.

Send art to:   

Scott Ray Randall 
21294 Leslie Drive 
Grass Valley, CA 95945 


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Holy Cross of Bacon

As my first part of this art project I made the above pictured "Holy Cross of Bacon".  I think it adequately reflects my opinion of bacon.  It's a 8inX6in block of urban-harvested sycamore finished with danish oil and adorned with bacon.  If anyone knows how to preserve bacon for the ages please do tell, my attempts to coat it in polyurethane were less than successful.

I've also made a series of 24 Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) featuring the Holy Cross of Bacon.  I'll be sending those out to some lucky people soon.  


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  2. Anonymous2/20/2012

    Thanks for the BACON ART..I recently lost a close friend of 17 years and he truly loved eating BACON! I had him cremated and they put his ashes in a wood urn,your BACON CROSS now is where his picture should be and it really added class to the Oak Urn! Thanks† BluuKitty 1995-2012