Open Mail Art Call


All art must feature bacon.  Anything goes.  Video, sound work, 2-D, 3-D, poetry; surprise me, shock me, make me sizzle, raise my cholesterol.  All art shown on this blog.  Exhibition(s) to follow.  A short film about bacon will include much of the received art.  Deadline is 04/01/2010.

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Scott Ray Randall 
21294 Leslie Drive 
Grass Valley, CA 95945 


Friday, July 3, 2009

Casting Bacon in Resin

Well, I've successfully casted some bacon in resin. The reaction between the resin and catalyst that hardens the resin creates heat and cooks the bacon a bit, which was an unanticipated effect. I'm hoping that anerobic decay will take place now that the bacon is trapped in an airless environment, causing this to be an ever-evolving work of art. However, after a week - looks the same. I also have a larger full-strip of bacon that I've cast in resin, but it didn't turn out as well and needs to be polished up before it looks good enough to post a pic. I'm considering turning the full strip into a lamp. Coming soon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frits Jonker - Netherlands

Frits Jonker was nice enough to do some sketches for me of a bacon alphabet, including the one pictured above. I took a sketch that he did of the word bacon, photoshopped it, and adapted it into a linocut pattern. Thus my bacon linocut (below) was born. I think it turned out pretty nice.

In addition to having a really cool name, Frits publishes a daily fanzine called Showcase, be sure to check it out. He is also the most talented letterer that I've ever seen. The alphabets on his website are really amazing. Thanks Frits, you rock!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

OKOK Research Bureau - United Kingdom

From the OKOK Research Bureau comes our first anti-bacon piece of art. Thank you very much. Although I am very pro-bacon myself, all perspectives are welcome here. You can oppose bacon on the grounds that it is cruel; I understand that. You can oppose bacon on the grounds that vegetarianism is better for the palnet, and you've got a point. You can argue that bacon is bad because it's detrimental to your health, and I'll still love it even though you're right. There is only one opinion here that ist verbotten. If you argue that bacon isn't tasty, well then, sir, you are a liar. Good day to you sir. I said good day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Liquid Nitrogen Bacon Experiment

Bacon Meets Liquid Nitrogen!

Bacon Linocuts

I made these two linocuts for the bacon project. The top one shows the cuts of meat on a pig with the bacon area filled in. The other one is self-explanatory (I hope). I've been sending out prints to people with an invitation to contribute, so if your address is floating around out there on mail art websites or lists from projects I've contributed to in the past, you just might have one on the way to a mailbox near you.

John M. Bennett - OH, USA


there was bacon in my thro
at bacon stringing up the wall ba
con shining in the street in the
laundry room a pile of bacon
and socks my tub was lined
with bacon there was bacon
singing on the TV bacon clouds
drifting in my eyes a bacon
suit drips in my closet why my
coughing thinks of bacon why my
bacon shoelace knots and cr
awls across the floor my bac
on rug was shaking in the fading light
my bacon hole my bacon ear my
bacon thinking at your steering wheel

Thank you very much for the bacon poem, John.
It induces some wonderful visuals in my mind...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cecil Touchon - TX, USA

This contribution comes from Cecil Touchon of Fluxus Laboratories. Thanks you for your contribution, Cecil. Bacon Genetics Test Results have revealed the relationship between Kevin Bacon, Francis Bacon, and Moustache Bacon. Very interesting data indeed...

Jurgen O. Olbrich - Germany

Many thanks to Jurgen for these two wonderful postcards. The first is made with actual bacon packaging. The second is quite intimate and personal in an almost eerie way.

I found it interesting that for the listed ingredients on the package of bacon the main ingredient is 'swine flesh'. I guess in Germany they have no need for euphemisms such as our American term 'pork'. I like that. It's much more direct, and honest.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jacque Lynn Davis - MO, USA

Thanks for the awesome art and poem, Jacque, I really appreciate it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bacon Machine: Test Run

I've designed a device with a simple purpose - to spin bacon at 3,400 RPM.  I just completed my test run and have determined that cheap-ass thinly sliced generic bacon is not capable of withstanding speeds anwhere near 3,400 RPM.  However, I have more ideas, and will press on.  More to follow...